How To Recover Your Windows Product Key

Losing your item key is something that happens to the best of us, particularly when you’re as clumsy as I am and lose the case your Windows CD came in. Numerous individuals consider calling Microsoft technical support to determine this issue, just to understand that they’re hitting a block divider and sitting idle. Rather than unsettling through huge amounts of various CD/DVD cases you’ve kept throughout the years, you may choose to buy another item key or a completely new permit of Windows. Try not to commit that error and keep that check card in your wallet! You can utilize the registry to get the item key for your specific Windows permit just in the event that you utilize a more seasoned variant of Windows, yet Vista/7 require another strategy.

Where’d The Product Key Go?

Up until Windows XP, the item enter was constantly put away in the registry, inside the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE key, under the “ProductID” enter in “Windows” under “Programming”, influencing the way a remark: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWindowsProductID. Tragically, that is not the situation since Windows Vista. It appears that Microsoft needed to make it troublesome for you to discover your item key, with the goal that you wind up purchasing another permit when you lose one. You don’t need to do this in the event that you utilize Magic JellyBean KeyFinder. In spite of the fact that it sounds like something fishy, it is a true blue application that sweeps your Windows establishment for your item key.

Goodness, and here’s the other thing: The Windows “ProductID” doesn’t demonstrate the key any longer, yet demonstrates an uncommon ID to enable Microsoft to recognize and recognize one Windows establishment and another. This is utilized to keep two Windows establishments from utilizing Windows Update, since it’s against the organization’s approach to utilize one Windows establishment on in excess of one PC.

Utilizing KeyFinder

Most importantly, download KeyFinder’s ZIP record from this connection. Open the ZIP record and concentrate it to an envelope named in a way that you’ll recall in your nearby drive or on your work area. Inside the organizer, you’ll discover a record called “KeyFinder.exe”. Double tap it and you’ll discover a screen that resembles this:

keyfinder-primary window

As should be obvious, you can likewise recuperate other item keys for whatever else you introduce on your PC, contingent upon whether they have a key or whether they store their keys in a focal area. A few applications store their keys in a record inside their individual registries. For this, you’d need to complete somewhat more examination.


In the event that manual looking doesn’t work, you can simply discover your item key with helpful little applications like the Magic JellyBean Keyfinder. The option, on the off chance that Keyfinder doesn’t do anything for you, is Belarc Advisor, an application that gives you a full review of your PC yet additionally incorporates the item key. In the case of everything else comes up short, you could simply attempt your fortunes with Microsoft and give them a telephone require a substitution item key. It’s presumably going to require a long investment, yet with good fortune, you’ll settle your concern as fast as could be expected under the circumstances.

As a propensity, it is constantly great to reinforcement your permit keys when you initially got your hand on the CD/DVD. You can without much of a stretch take a photograph of the permit key with your cell phone and transfer the pic to your Dropbox, or Google+ account, so when you require it, you know where to search for it.

Tell us what encounters you’ve had with the application and don’t waver to make inquiries beneath. We’ll gladly answer them!

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