How To Change The Permalink For A Post Or Page

There have been a couple of times when I have expected to backpedal and change the permalink for one of my presents or pages on either settle a spelling issue or change the wording. Ordinarily, when you change the title of the post/page and republish WordPress will likewise change out the permalink to the new setting. Be that as it may, issues can happen every now and then and WordPress may not generally refresh the new permalink.

Changing the permalink for the post or a page is extraordinarily simple! Actually, so natural that you don’t need to visit the typical alter page. You can change the permalink straightforwardly from your rundown of posts utilizing the Quick Edit choice. When you are on the rundown of posts/pages in your Admin Dashboard simply float your mouse over the title and tap on the Quick Edit connect.

WordPress will then popup some new data specifically on the screen. With a specific end goal to change the permalink, simply alter the content in the Slug input field, tap the Update catch and you are good to go!

On the off chance that you happen to as of now be on the alter page for your page or post, simply tap on the Edit catch situated under the territory where you make the title. After you change out the information, tap the Save catch and that is all that it takes.

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